Monday, September 22, 2008

I am a Child of God

Sophie as usual was trying to be my big helper today...and it was sooo cute I just had to post it on here right after it happened. We have been working on getting Kolby back to his normal sleeping habits, our trip this summer kindof threw him off a bit. Now when he's ready for bed, I just put him in his crib, and he cries himself to sleep. When I started doing this he cryed for what seemed like it's just a matter of minutes...Well today I put him down and ran down stairs to get the laundry going. When I finished loading the washing machine, I came out, noticed Sophie wasn't coloring at the table any more and heard singing coming from Kolby's room. I snuck up stairs to find Kolby just as happy as can be standing in his crib, with Sophie standing next to him singing "I am a Child of God". It was adorable. If only I had the camera...we came down stairs after I layed Kolby down again and Sophie wanted to sing it for me again....She did such a good job! You are a sweetheart Sophie!! I love you!! (Yes you can hear Kolby crying in the back ground, but he only cried for a few minutes then he was fast asleep!!)


heather said...

Those are the moments that make being a mother the sweetest.

The Gage Cage said...

That is so adorable and impressive! I can't even sing that good. What a sweetie!