Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Big Trip- Part Two- Nauvoo

We stayed in Nauvoo for 2 days, but we could have easily stayed for a week. We camped in the Nauvoo State Park Campground, which is right there and it was green and beautiful. The first night we were there it rained and rained, but luckily we already had camp set up and nothing got really wet, besides our tent which dried out fast the next day. I love this picture, LeGrand took it while we were on the carriage ride. The temple is the best part of visiting Nauvoo!! The spirit is so strong when you look up at it and think of its history!! The early saints have left an amazing legacy for us to follow!!

Here we are in the Bakery...we don't have tons of pictures of all 7 of us, I'm grateful for the people that we got to take some pictures so we could all be in them!!

Yes, that's my family....I'm glad LeGrand and Whitney aren't really Oxen!! ;) But oh they are mighty good looking...

My boys are quite dramatic...cute!!

What goofs!!!

There were times when we were driving that it felt like all we could see was corn fields.....so of course we had to take some pictures in some in Nauvoo.

In this picture, Whitney is actually holding Brayden up, that's how high the corn was...

Womanhood Statues
Ok, these statues are on the side of the Visitor Center and we had fun walking around and the kids had a blast taking pictures with them. They are adorable!!

Yea, so we are officially cheesy, but that's ok!! I loved these statues, there were women is all different stages in their lives, I was amazed at how many of them apply to me now or have... Life is so short and we are truly blessed. I feel so blessed that I have a wonderful husband who honors womanhood. I'm a lucky girl!!

Sunset on the Mississippi
We were able to go the the Sunset on the Mississippi twice, except after the childrens parade the first night it got rained out... It was still fun...all the missionaries that serve in Nauvoo work so hard and do such a good job to make this a memeorable time.
The Nauvoo Temple

Thanks to Whitney for watching the kiddos in the morning, LeGrand and I were able to go thru a session in the Nauvoo Temple!! Wow!!!! I love going in every temple and it's always uplifting, inspiring and incredible...but this one was even more. Oh, I'm so grateful that it was rebuilt. I kept thinking of all of the sacrafice that the early saints made, the time, skills, money, possessions and so much of themselves was given to build this incredible Temple of God...Then to be driven out of your home, your city and away from your Temple because people believed lies and Satan had a hold of their hearts. I want to be as valiant as they were in our challenges that we face today! I know that this Church is TRUE! I'm grateful that there are so many Temples around the world so that we can become more like our Father in Heaven!! We are truly blessed!!

Pioneer Past Times
Ok, this was probably the kiddos favorite part of Nauvoo. They got to dress up like pioneers and play games that they would have played... We spent hours here, we got dressed up, played games, had a picinic lunch, played more games, played house, had stick pull contests, races...it was a blast!!

Ok, isn't that the cutest thing you have ever seen?!? I love it!!
There must have been some rain drops dryed on our lens for these pictures, causes there are some blurry spots....I'm bumbed about that, but they are still totally precious!! We love our kiddos!!!
Whitney was way better than I was at these stilts races, but I got lucky and she tripped right at the end and so I won!!! Yea I know I lucked out, but I still won!!

What a cute family!! More in Nauvoo
We went to plays, we went on a Carriage Ride, went through home, buildings, stores, the post office, the blacksmith shop, the brick yard....it was awesome!!! The cute senior missionaries in all these places are so cute. I really appreciated that they give of themselfs to serve God. They shared their Testimonies everywhere we went. They made this experience even better!!
Parley Street
This was where the Saints left Nauvoo when they were driven out. To look back from this place and see the temple was a feeling that wouldn't be easy to describe!! I'm so glad we were able to experience these things with our little family!!
Joseph and Emma Smith and Hyrum Smith's Graves

At Camp
Our camp site was awesome!! It's so beautiful here!!! Our lovely home away from home!Adelyn thanks for being a big helper with Kolby!! You are a wonderful BIG sister!

On our way out we had to stop by the Temple again!! What an incredible place!! I'm grateful that because of Temples, that My Family can be Together Forever!!!

Carthage Jail
Being able to go to Carthage Jail and actually being in the room that Joseph Smith the Prophet was murdered was also an incredible experience. Wow....in some ways I felt like we were there with him. I know without any doubts that Joseph Smith did see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when he was 14. I know that he was a Prophet of God and that he did more than any man, save Jesus Christ, for the Salvation of mankind. We are indebted eternally to him!!
I've always loved the relationship between Joseph and his brother Hyrum. I think Hyrum is a stud...for lack of a better word. What a wonderful example for all of us to follow!! These are two of the greatest men of all time, ok because LeGrand is in the picture too, three of the greatest men of all time;) I'm sortof partial to the one in the blue!!;)

If you ever have a chance to go to Nauvoo and Carthage you should go!! It's amazing! We had a wonderful time!!


Maree said...

I absolutely LOVE the cornball statue pictures!!!! I'm also jealous of your trip. I'd LOVE to go to those places.....someday! Becca, you are starting to look JUST LIKE your mother, one of the most beautiful women on Earth. It looks like your family had a wonderful time!

Bowen Family said...

Your trip sounds absolutely incredible, but I must say, that YOU made it incredible because that's a lot of work, planning and patience! You have a great family and it's so fun to hear about your trip! Whitney is amazing too!

Toomer Family said...

What an amazing vacation - I'm sure it's one you will never forget. Thanks for sharing.

Carrie said...

I LOVED the statue pics! What a neat experience! I would love to get some details and take a trip like that with my family! Thank you for sharing your testimony and positive attitude!

Emily Rasmussen said...

what great pictures! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Melodie said...

It looks like you had an absolutely amazing trip! You guys are so much fun. Thanks for finding my blog and telling me about yours-- it's kind of a fun way to keep in touch. We love you guys!

kelly said...

Wow! I want to do that. I loved the statue pictures! Really, especially the one with you and LeGrand and Kolby. The kids in the costumes, Kolby in the hat and vest, man, really cute. Very fun.

Pollock Palooza said...

How FUN!!! Oh I love the pioneers! We want to do that someday:)